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Lisa Even

About Lisa Even

Lisa Even is an entre­preneur, speaker, author, and JOY Connoisseur. She hosts the podcast Have Good Ripple Effect, and is the author of Joy is My Job,” which is her overall approach to life! 

Whether it’s through coaching, podcasts or speaking and training, Lisa helps challenge people to think beyond their backyards, and realize they happen to the world, and not the other way around. From waitressing at the R&R Café in high school, to leading her first group of direct reports in corporate America, raising a family, or being part of her community, Lisa under­stands the pressure we have when culti­vating a life that has a lasting impact.

Lisa brings authentic connection, energy, and real-life experi­ences, stories, and strategies to any room. Lisa has facil­i­tated in 30+ indus­tries and spoken to audiences of all sizes, including Disney, ESPN, Comcast, and Women Lead Change, plus many univer­sities and associ­a­tions. She inspires audiences to dream bigger to create bigger and better ripple effects!