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Megan Rosenstiel

About Megan Rosenstiel

Megan and her husband Chad live in West Des Moines with their two children, William and Stella. She is a Partner and Director of Advisory Services at Gilbert & Cook, a private wealth management firm. Megan is also a longtime ally and supporter of Healthy Birth Day, Inc. 

Megan joined Gilbert & Cook as a Relationship Manager in 2006 and reposi­tioned to Planning in 2010. She became a Lead Advisor in 2016 and Partner in 2018. Megan focuses on the complex situa­tions of clients and has earned the following desig­na­tions and certi­fi­ca­tions: Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Certified Divorce, Financial Analyst (CDFA™), Accredited Wealth Management Advisor (AWMA®), Accredited Domestic Partner Advisor (ADPA®), and Long Term Care Profes­sional (LTCP).* She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa.

Megan and Chad are proud supporters of Healthy Birth Day, Inc. and know firsthand the impact of our mission. She learned about the Count the Kicks program while she was in her third trimester with Will in 2011 and went to see her doctor when she noticed a change in his movement pattern. Will was delivered later that day and she credits Count the Kicks and her doctor for Will’s safe arrival.

As we commem­orate a decade of the Change­makers Luncheon, it’s a fitting time to acknowledge the profound change that individuals like Megan bring to our community. Her dedication and passion for maternal and child health have not only shaped her own family’s journey but have also inspired countless others.